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Where is Cross Creek Pointe located?

Cross Creek Pointe is located in Englewood, New Jersey near Route # 95/New Jersey Turnpike, Route #80 and Route # 4. Cross Creek Pointe residents have the best of two worlds – a suburban setting surrounded by well-maintained grounds, combined with the excitement of nearby New York City. Our development is easily accessible to Manhattan by car or bus. Commuters enjoy the convenience of having a bus stop at the entrance to the complex, with frequent departures for the Port Authority in New York City. Ferry service is also available in nearby Edgewater, New Jersey. Our property is located approximately 20 minutes from Midtown Manhattan.


What amenities are available in the town of Englewood?

Downtown Englewood boasts a thriving business and shopping district with a cosmopolitan flair that reflects the diversity of the region. Amenities include boutique shopping, national chains, outdoor cafes, fine dining, a performing arts center offering world class entertainment, grocery and specialty food stores and two major hospitals. Major shopping malls, regional theatre, horseback riding, ice skating, bicycle and running trails, golfing, a zoo and two nature centers with miles of trails are all within close proximity to Englewood.


Please describe the Cross Creek Pointe development.

Our community of 339 multi-level condominiums spans 34 acres. The complex is comprised of 33 buildings and each unit has its own exterior entrance. Our community has two tennis courts, an outdoor pool, basketball court and an area to hold BBQs. Snow removal and grounds maintenance are also included.


What types of units are available?

Cross Creek Pointe has several different types of units; one and two level units are available. Units range from 750-1700 square feet. All units include Washer/Dryers, Private Decks and Fireplaces. Heating, Air conditioning and hot water are all controlled by the individual unit owners. Some units have Garages and Basements. Parking is readily available.




Are rentals available within the Cross Creek Pointe Condominium?

Condominiums are available for rent through individual unit owners. Rental agreements are at all times subject to the governing documents for the community.

As a renter, do I have the same rights in using the common elements as a unit owner?

When a unit is leased, the tenant shall "step into the shoes" of the owner when it comes to enjoying the benefits of the Condominium common elements and amenities. Unit owners may not also continue to access and use the amenities while renting the unit.

How do I find out about the availability of sale and rental units?

A listing of all current units for rent and sale can be found under the Prospective Buyers section of our WEB site. Area realtors in Englewood are very familiar with the availability of units for sale or rent.

What type of amenities does Cross Creek Pointe offer?


I am trying to purchase a unit? How do I handle answering questions on my lender’s questionnaire?

Our management services will provide to any prospective homeowner general information pertaining to the community for purposes of completing the developer forms. Filling in the forms, returning them to lenders and/or brokers is the individual homeowner’s responsibility.

What exactly is a Condominium and why should I buy one?

A condominium can be defined as "The absolute ownership of a unit in a multi-unit building, plus an undivided interest in the ownership of the common elements, which are owned jointly with the other condominium unit owners."

Condominium ownership is very popular because it is a great way to receive the benefits of home ownership without time and expense of exterior maintenance obligations that accompany single family lots. Also, condominiums provide a way for residents to enjoy superior amenities, such as a pool and tennis courts unavailable to most homeowners living on single lots. Finally, unlike apartments, homeowners are interdependently vested with other owners in the community. Residents tend to be interested in the community because they have a financial stake in the welfare of the overall community.

What are the condominium association fees and what do they include?

Condo association fees vary by the size of the unit. Generally, the fees cover landscaping, exterior maintenance, snow removal, garbage service, recycling and use of all common areas (pool, tennis courts, basketball court, BBQ area). Please refer to the governing documents pertaining to rights and obligations of homeowners regarding assessments.


Does the Condominium Association have insurance?

All unit owners are encouraged to maintain individual homeowner policies to insure unit upgrades and personal property. The Condominium Association maintains insurance policies covering the property and as further described in the governing documents

What type of Security Services are available?

The Association currently employs a nightly gate patrol. Entry to the community is via swipe card or wireless remote.

Are Pets allowed?

Cross Creek Pointe permits only small domestic pets, such as cats, fish and birds are allowed. All dogs are prohibited. The keeping of animals is subject to the Association’s rules and regulations.

How do I contact the professional manager?

The on site manager is Hetal Gohel of Signature Properties. The Management Office is located at 3 Cross Creek Pointe in Englewood. The office is open Monday through Friday, 9:00 am-5:00 pm. You may contact the on-site office at (201) 569-5995 or send email to [email protected]




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